The Future of Voice User Interfaces in the Family Household


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Future Family

The Complexity of Modern Households

Assembled, extended and single-parent households are emerging in the Netherlands as a response to trends such as: number of divorces, ageing in society and a decrease of child births. Globalisation, urbanisation and emancipation are all driving forces effecting this.

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Future Digital

Voice User Interfaces

The technological landscape is re-shaping society at a rate beyond imagination. Advancements in Machine Learning has led voice recognition to go from a high error rate (>25%) to a low rate (<5%)— this means it’s working almost all the time. Sales of voice-first devices are accelerating and permeating households across the world. What does this mean for families of the future, for their privacy and security?

Our Process

Our vision

Welby is supportive

Proactively assist in handling recurring activities. How to engage with daily tasks?

Welby is honest

Having a clear role within the family. What role does the VUI play?

Welby is caring

Creating time for what matters. How can the VUI respond to the most important values of the family?

Welby is clear

Creating peace of mind. What is the best way for the user to interact with VUI?

“It will service in efficiency and convenience of course, but it will add something to our imagination, social interactions to get deeper connections with each other.”

Response from Co-Creation Session

“I feel as though the introduction of more technology into families is actually doing more harm than good. As it is reducing quality time spent together.”

Response from User Survey

“Is this the future? It's terrifying.”

Response from User Testing

“Natural language processing requires the computing power to analyse and interpret human speech or text in realtime.”

Erika Hall on Context Detection

“Can this device give ethical advise?”

User from Presentation
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